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Uses for BondCalc
Use BondCalc Capabilities
Sinking Fund Desk & Private Placement Trading:   BondCalc can handle any sinking fund or serial bond structure using discounted cash flow techniques. Compare true DCF prices with formula price shortcuts used by some analytic vendors. Can: price off treasury yield curve, handle ESOP debt, calculate make-whole call premiums.
Purchasers of Private Placements: Understand valuation characteristics of holdings. Calculate all commercial mortgages. Matrix price portfolio.
Emerging Market Debt Trading: Price, analyze and compare all issues. Can handle floating rates, increasing rate, or any custom coupon schedule.
High Yield Trading: Correctly price, analyze and compare all esoteric issues. Prices bank loans that have been margined.
Mortgage-backed Securities: Passthrough and commercial mortgages.
High Net Worth Individuals/Financial Planners: Manage portfolios. Help with investment decisions. Analyze swap opportunities. Evaluate relative worth of investments.
Portfolio Managers: Compare effects of changes in market conditions on different portfolios of fixed income securities. Analyze portfolio composition. Produce custom reports.
Fixed Income and High Yield Research: Compare changes in market conditions on different types of securities. Compare price arbitrage between two securities. Store your own price histories and graph yields.
Foreign Currency Bonds: By entering exchange rates and projected appreciation or depreciation rates BondCalc will calculate the return converted back to the base currency.
Convertible Bonds: Handles all puttable and/or zero coupon converts. Valuation of equity portion for various growth rate assumptions using artificial intelligence.
Municipal Bonds: BondCalc can easily handle serial issues with varying coupon rates. Can price off municipal yield curve. Compare after tax alternatives. Can handle super sinkers.
Debt Origination Function/Corporate Finance: Prepare after tax analysis of premium debt refundings. Compare costs of financing alternatives under different interest rate scenarios. Use reports and graphs to explain structure. Has excellent bundling capabilities. Create new securities.
Educational: BondCalc's extensive footnoting and help screens make for an excellent hands-on tutorial on all types of corporate fixed income securities. All calculations are explained.