BondCalc Price Schedule - Site License
Capped at $16,000, at which point the entire package is licensed.

Single Securities:
  Basic package, includes following input screens:         $7,000
     A - Simple Bonds, MTNs
     C - Zero Coupon Bonds
     E - Preferred Stock
     F - Sinking Fund/Serial Bonds/P&I Combined/etc.
     G - Amortized Value Sinking Funds
     N - Free-form dates & cash flows

  Optional Screens:
     B - PIKs                                               1,000
     H - Mortgages with Prepayments                         1,000
     J - Money Market Instruments/GICs                      1,000
     K/M - Perpetuities/Common Stock                        1,000
     L - LYONS and other Convertibles                       1,000
     O - Serial Church Bonds                                1,000

O.A.S. Pricing                                              5,000

Bond Swap Section
  Buy side analysis                                         2,000
  Processing Multiple Swaps                                 2,000

Portfolio Section
  Base (includes Report Writer)                             5,000
  Matrix Pricing                                            2,000
  Performance Attribution                                   3,000
  Trading or Short Term Position, P&L and Hedging           5,000
  Securitization (must buy full system)                      n.a.

Compare/Batch Portfolios
  (must buy Portfolio Base first)                           1,000

  Convertible Bond Conversion Analysis - Pretax             4,000

  Above is for perpetual license. Updates and support included for
  the first year. Afterwards, support is optionally available for
  20% of the license price.