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BondCalc: List of Import Formats Supported

 3 - Comprehensive covering Bonds, Money Market and Commerical &
     Passthrough Mortgages (screens A, F, H and J)

 1 - BondScholar

 2 - 16+ Field Comma Delimited Lotus PRN format (from Tech Data)

 4 - PAM to Bear Stearns format

 5 - Portia output

 6 - CMS BondEdge Import Format (plus optional SF/Call file)

 8 - CMS BondEdge Private Placement Format. Used by PAM.

10 - CMS BondEdge Private Placement Format w/o multipling S.F.
     by 1000. Used by Camra.

 9 - Comm. Mortgage Format (Securitization) - User Defined. See

Help for Commercial Mortgage Import Specification

These are the specifiers for the field positions for Import
Type 9. It reads a file with fixed field positions.

Enter the first column position and the length of that
field. If you don't know what they are, then use Alt-F8 to
invoke the LIST file manager. Find the file and view it.
With Alt-R you can turn on a Ruler line and find the first
position and lengths for the below:

CUSIP - max of 12 in length.

Name - max of 40 in length.

Current Balance - max of 16 in length.

Gross Int Rate - Enter in percent. Max length is 10.

Maturity Date Format Types:

 1 - ccyymmdd
 2 - mm/dd/yy
 3 - mm/dd/ccyy
 4 - yy/mm/dd

Payment Amount - Max length is 13.

First Payment Date - Optional. Must be in same date format
  as Maturity Date. If entered this will be the date of the
  first mortgage payment. It will be used as the end of a
  full period for interest purposes, irrespective of the
  distance from it to the issue date.